The Grape Varieties

Native grape varieties

Our Grape Varieties

The winery from the very beginning has chosen to focus everything on the native grape varieties that have been growing in this area for hundreds of years. Especially on white Maturano, Pampanaro, Capolongo, Lecinaro and Uva Giulia; genetic heritage saved from extinction thanks to the tenacity of farmers in these mountains.

The wines made from these vines express to the fullest the minerality of the soil and the area of origin, since the vine has an intense exchange with the soil and mineral elements thus assume a first-order role in its metabolism.

Vine Maritata

The ‘origin of this farming system is Etruscan and has been handed down through the centuries. Vines grow by climbing other plants (Olive trees, elms, fruit trees, maples, etc.) and there is synergy among them and a kind of mutual aid in case of distress. They were raised at a height of 2.5 to 3 meters because cereals were grown underneath.

With this breeding system, the plants are much healthier and resistant to fungal diseases because they are more exposed to light and ventilation. They are free-living plants without American rootstock (which resisted phylloxera) that have come down to the present day; a true genetic heritage to be safeguarded.

Our Grape Varieties